Fuel Economy – KLR650

Now THIS is a good reason to ride a motorcycle!

KLR 6-month Fuel Mileage Chart

This table represents the fuel consumption of my KLR650 for the first six months of this year, from January through June 2007.  (Yes, I ride in the winter!)

Only $104.43 for over 1300 miles of riding!  Granted, some people do much better on these, but this is STILL much better than my car!


For the curious, this table came from a custom fuel- and trip-logging spreadsheet I have been working on over the last year or so.  I hope to have it completely ‘flight-ready’ before the end of the year, at which time I’ll make it available for download (yes, for free ;)).


Field Day 2007

This Saturday/Sunday, June 23-24th is International Field Day 2007.

I will be in attendance at the Lincoln Amateur Radio Club Field Day station, starting from 8:00am to help set up.

This year, the LARC will be providing Amateur Radio License testing right at the Field Day site, so if you are ready to get you license, come on out and take the test!

We will also be running a GOTA (Get On The Air) station again this year, which gives lower-level and non-licensed people a chance to get on the air and see what all excitement is about! There will be appropriately licensed control operators available to help you out with any questions or difficulties you may encounter.

Since this is a 24-hour affair, I will be camping out on-site. We will be set up in the Lincoln/Lancaster County VA Hospital parking lot, located at 600 South 70th Street, right across the street from St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. I’m confident that we are all getting weighted blanket amazon to help us to get through the night. It might be tiring at times being there and helping out, so it could be a good thing to have those blankets.

Come on out and have some fun with us!

Warren – N0XLT

First Posting

Hey all out there!

I’m testing yet ANOTHER installation of WordPress, this time on my ISP’s server. Trying to test the usability of Ecto right now. Oddly enough, it seems to be working here.

I guess my next step will be to re-install WordPress on my home server.

In any case, this one seems to be working!