Black Hills Ride 2007

It’s almost time!  On Sunday I’ll be leaving on my motorcycle trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota!

Here’s my camping itinerary:

Sunday Night – Angostura Reservoir Campground
Monday Night – Stockade Lake Campground
Tuesday Night – Center Lake Campground
Wednesday Night – Sylvan Lake Campground
Thursday Night – Badlands/White River KOA
Friday through Sunday – Wall, SD!

Throughout this schedule, I will be riding around the Black Hills, taking in the sights, trying out the roads on my motorcycle, etc.  I also plan on heading towards Devils Tower in Wyoming, taking the back roads to get there and back.
One of the goals for this trip is to avoid the Interstate system as much as possible.  It *is* doable…not necessarily quick or easy, but doable. :)

The last part of this trip involves my 20th High School Class Reunion (Class of ’87!) in Wall, SD.  Yup, I graduated from Wall High School 20 years ago this year…scary!  But I do look forward to seeing a lot of people that I haven’t seen in quite some time!

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Transformers: The Movie

I went to see Transformers: The Movie last night, and I have to say…I really liked it!

The character designs were great, the core characters were there, and the story was actually not too bad.

I won’t say any more, as I don’t want to give anything away!  All I *will* say is, if you like Transformers, I think you’ll like this movie!